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Here will be all of the books that will be availabe at this location. We are happy to inform you that our catalogue has been steadily increasing.

May we sugest these sintillating books to stimulate your mind out of that stage of atrophy that it has become aclamated into through the repetitive use of mind deteriorating activities such as television viewing:

This is a philisophical view of life. It is a collection of aphorisms, which are statements of personal truths, that are extremely topical for day to day life.

This is an epic tail of a man after the infamous white whale.

Another classic book, Uncle Tom's Cabin, about a slave during the time of the American Civil War. The story follows the life of the slave as he is traded from a loving home into another home.

The Prince was written as a letter to a new prince of a barely budding city-state, the waring nations of Italy at the time. It is still very topical and widely used in classrooms around the world.